What Makes a Good Private Equity Website?

The Private Equity landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, so establishing a strong online presence is a non-negotiable. If you’re considering updating your firm’s website, it’s important to have a strategy and a good sense of direction to navigate your content and user experience. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to ensure that your site stands out, tells the right story, and results in quality lead generation:

A Cohesive Central Message: Your website is a marketing tool that should tell your story with clarity, define what makes you different, and seamlessly transition your audience from viewing to converting. Thoughtful, original content that defines who you are and what you do should be seamlessly paired with striking visual representations of your success. 

Visitors come to your site to elevate their brand, their standing, and their valuation. Your messaging should answer common questions and be easily understood.

An Eye-Catching Portfolio Page: Your firm’s expertise and track record are pivotal to winning and retaining business. A strong portfolio page should be easy to navigate while beautifully illustrating your firm's strengths. It’s critical to strike the right balance between the number and variety of portfolio listings and maintain a clean, sleek interface. It’s also best if this page is easy to maintain. Posting additional content and new portfolio companies will keep you relevant while bolstering your SEO rankings.

There are many different ways to structure this section of your website. Consider which approach best suits your needs and customize these pages accordingly. Should you focus on a few key examples, or list all portfolio companies dating back to your firm’s founding? What layout works best to balance UX and highlight your firm’s strengths? 

Analytics & Metrics for Success: With tools to track success, you won’t have to guess whether your site converts. You’ll be able to see how your site is ranking for specific keywords, where you fall with the rest of your competition, and what to focus on to improve. Analytics gives you a roadmap to solve specific marketing issues and eliminate any guesswork.

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