Our Story

Merger Labs grew out of the specific needs of our first clients.  Prior to venturing out on our own, Merger Labs was a division of our sister company CAPTARGET, an M&A research and private equity origination service provider.  Initially, M&A and private equity professionals would call us simply because they didn’t know who else to call. While we did not position ourselves as digital marketers our clients knew that we understood the industry and their goals.  Over time the organic demand for a digital marketing company that knew M&A and private equity grew to the point that the company was spun off and Merger Labs was founded.  Since then, we have grown into the premier digital marketing team for deal makers in the U.S and international markets.

Our founding team is comprised of bankers, private equity professionals and M&A service providers who have worked within the deal space for more than a decade.  Our entire service model is built around the idea that we intimately understand the needs of the deal maker.  We can provide a value focused, hands-on approach to your digital marketing need all while literally and figuratively speaking the language of a deal maker.

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Management Team

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