5 Reasons Why Your M&A Firm’s Website Isn’t Bringing in More Customers

Marketing firms big and small will tell you that one of the biggest influencers to converting online traffic into client engagements is seeded in your website’s design and execution.  Time and time again we see M&A firms build new websites only to see little for their efforts.  Below we break down 5 common reasons why M&A firms’ website underperform in converting viewers to new clients and proposed solutions to each.

#1 Demonstrate the ability to solve a problem

Many M&A firm websites focus on the firm’s prestige and/or expertise.  While these are needed elements in positioning your firm, you may want to consider leading with your ability to solve a problem for your client.  Business owners come to your site to find out how you can help them, not to hear about how great you are.  The M&A process is complicated – we always like to see firms focus on simplifying this process and alieving pain for a client who is overwhelmed by the consideration of such an important transaction.

#2 Focus on results, not the process

If we had a dime for every page of text we have seen explaining the entire M&A process…

Again, clients want to be protected, to have problems solved and to be represented by experts.  Consider focusing less on the technical elements of the process and more on your proven track record and the possible results.  Think about a car salesman selling the process of the engine firing rather than the feeling of the open road and it becomes obvious which appeals more to the potential client.  Yes M&A deals are complex and hyper-valuable, but you are still selling, so consider adopting these elements of basic quality salesmanship.

#3 Develop a strong brand

Many M&A firms treat branding materials as an afterthought.  Having a strong brand starts with the basics – do you have a high-resolution logo? Does this logo/identity differentiate you from your competition? Does it elevate your brand, or dilute/confuse your message?

Make sure that the basics of proper branding are in place..without them, some of your claims of excellence or expertise may be minimized, no matter how valid they are.

#4 Encourage return visits

As we touched upon in this previous article, it takes a prospective M&A client, on average, 3 visits before contacting your firm via your website.  As such, you need to give them a clear reason to come back.  Sharing frequent value-added content on your blog, in reporting or white-papers will encourage more customers to interact with your brand more often.  Focus on creating content that educates and engages your audience.  You have the power to keep potential clients coming back to your site, it just needs to be a foundational part of how you interact with and manage your firm’s website.

#5 Don’t be afraid to ask for a conversion

Yes, your M&A firm’s website needs to inform, but asking for action after sharing valuable information is encouraged.  How hard would getting a date be, if you never asked? The same thing applies here.  When gauging the ability for your firm to convert traffic into business, ask yourself:

  • Are your calls to action strategic?
  • Is it easy for a viewer to contact you from each page of the site?
  • Are testimonials prominent throughout the site?
  • Is the site’s design legible and functional?

While you may have a contact form, this is the absolute bare minimum to generate conversions.  Consider other calls to action specific to each area of the site where a viewer may convert.

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