Announcing Directory and Local Management for M&A and PE

As we enter 2018 we are focused on rolling out new services and features to our M&A and Private Equity clients.  As such, we recently rolled out 3 new SEO packages, designed to give our M&A and PE clients more choices than our previous single SEO package service model.  All 3 of our new SEO packages, include a new feature – directory and local SEO management. 

What is directory management or local SEO?

Directory management is a subset of SEO where your firm is registered with directories that track and list local businesses.  Google Local is one of the largest homes for local business listings, but there are literally thousands of other directories that can drive traffic to your website.  Think of local and directory management as the Yellow Pages of the internet age.

Why local matters…

Increasingly, M&A firms are working outside of their home markets.  Online, its fairly easy to look and feel closer to your client than you may actually be, but it is much more difficult to fein a real local presence remotely.  Establishing your physical presence in your home market via local directories and through Google is another way you can continue to differentiate your firm from non-local groups.

Additionally, simply having consistency with basic business information like phone numbers, office addresses etc., increases your validity and ensures that prospects can find you when they need you.

Lastly, appearing in Google Local (for example) is often a low cost way to appear above broader organic search results for certain search terms.

The example below clear proof – while Axial dominates most of the search terms for “Los Angeles M&A Firms”, Center Point Partners actually appears first. Why? Because they have a strong local presence in search.

If your M&A firm has a local focus, or if your firm simply wants to show up more often in search, local and directory based SEO strategies can be a significant influencer in search.


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