Digital Marketing Services For M&A – Ranked

M&A and Private Equity firms come to us knowing that they need to adopt some kind of digital marketing strategy but often do not know exactly what they should be buying.  That said, below we have ranked a number of our digital marketing services based on a few key metrics that should help you better understand what digital marketing services your firm may be best suited for.


Summary: Increasing search ranking results through content creation, website optimization and offsite SEO improvement.

ML Cost: $500/mo and up

Best for: Being perceived as #1 in your area or industry vertical.  Increasing overall traffic to your website.

Survivability: Decent. Months or even years after we stop providing SEO support, clients should see a continued rank and traffic increase.

Time frame for ROI:  In approx 6 months not only should you be able to clearly measure increases in search ranking and traffic but you should start to see inbound requests increase from prospective clients.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Summary: Buying and managing ad placement via Google AdWords or similar platforms for specific keywords to encourage users searching to click your ad over organic search results.

ML Cost: $500/mo and up

Best for: Generating inbound sell side lead flow quickly. Even better for very targeted campaigns that focus on tight geographies or industries.

Survivability: Next to none.  Pay Per Click is a pay to play service model where clients pay to have targeted traffic generated and directed to their websites. When you stop paying to buy traffic and place ad all activity ceases with no long-term benefits.

Time frame for ROI: In 2-3 weeks you should start receiving new leads.


When considering allocating your firms budget, use the above as a quick reference guide to match your goals with the broad categories of service in the digital marketing space.  For firms with larger budgets, there is a clear argument to utilize multiple services and strategies at once to ensure maximum coverage and results.

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