How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency for Your M&A Firm

If you are like most M&A firms, you are a little green when it comes to digital marketing. We know that for every email we send you you get dozens from industry agnostic digital marketing firms.  So, how do you know who is a well fitting potential partner and who is wasting your time?  It is easier than you might think…

Property vetting a digital marketing firm is critical.  After all, you are not just adding another vendor to your vendor list, you are handing the keys to your website, analytics and social accounts to some firm that you may have not even heard of until recently.  To make things easier we have compiled a list of steps we recommend you take to ensure you choose the right parter and you venture into the digital marketing world.

#1 Define your goals

It is difficult to be successful without first defining success.  Are you looking to rank for a certain set of keywords at a certain level? Do you need a certain volume of inbound leads to justify the marketing expense? Do you want to generate x% of new traffic to your website in a certain time period?  Having an understanding as to what you want to accomplish with better inform digital agencies to properly bid on your business and you will be able to ensure that you are not being sold a bill of goods that does not impact your goals.

#2 Do your best to pick a service(s)

Don’t get us wrong – we love clients who want to buy all our services, but most do not need to.  When vetting digital marketing firms do your best to come to the table with some understanding of what you need.  All sales people are in the business of selling you as much of whatever you are willing to buy.  Being able to simply state that you are looking for a paid marketing, or SEO partner can ensure that you are not being over sold and that you can more appropriately compare multiple firms on an apples to apples basis.

#3 Check out clients

Quality digital marketing firms should be sharing some key client relationships somewhere on their website.  Ask yourself, are these clients in similar industries? Of similar sizes?

If industry expertise is important to you ( and it should be ), grill the firm on what they know about M&A.  Quickly you will find that we are one of the only M&A specific digital marketing firms in the world with a track record.  Talk shop with us and other firms and see who quickly flushes out and who rises to the top.

#4 Get proof

Do not be afraid to ask for references.  If the firm can not share these (say for confidentiality reasons) as instead for case studies etc.  Do your trade organizations know the firm? Do other key players in the space have any experience with them?  One way or another, the firm should be able to prove their expert position to you – if they can’t, walk away quickly!

For more information on what a quality digital marketing firm can do you increase you M&A firm’s traffic, leads, or position in the market, contact us today – we love to talk shop!

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