Link Building for M&A and Private Equity Firms

Most M&A and private equity firms are fairly new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As such we talk to a lot of firms that seem to think SEO is a standardized process or service that you can buy from just about anywhere.  The reality is this – SEO is a catch all term for any process of improving your firm’s ranking for specific keywords in search engines (primarily Google).

The most common drivers of a good SEO strategy are as follows:

On-site Optimization/Site Score Improvement (most common)

The process of fixing on site technical issues that inhibit load speed, user experience and the development of the initial keyword strategy supported by other SEO activities.

Content Development (less common)

The process of frequently publishing original keyword rich content.  This content is commonly presented as a blog post, white paper, or additional pages on your firm’s website.

Link Building (up and coming)

The process of increasing the credibility and overall standing of your firm’s website by getting other trusted websites to link to/promote your website.  The more websites that tell their users and the search engines that your website is trusted and of high quality, the better you rank.


If your firm is considering improving its SEO strategy in 2018, focus on link building – here is why:


Its tangible.

Much of SEO is a wait and see game.  Link building is tangible and immediate. You can acquire links, see them live and audit their quality in near real-time.

The best firms have already been link building for a while.

Top middle market players in both the middle and lower middle-markets all have robust link building strategies.  If you plan on competing with these players or gaining any marketing share from a lead flow perspective, you need to start doing what they have already proven works.

It works!

Link building on its own will increase your search rankings.  Combining link building with both an on-site and content strategy often is the rocket fuel many firms are searching for to increase the productivity of their organic search marketing online.

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