M&A Online Paid Marketing Trends

In the last year a lot has changed in the broad digital marketing space – but how much does this rapid change apply to the your M&A firm?

Mobile search for M&A firms is up

Your potential clients are using mobile more than ever to find M&A firms to work with.  According to Google, M&A search volume on mobile devices has grown 6% YOY while searches on non-mobile devices remain fairly flat.  Additionally, ad impressions and clicks to M&A firm websites are up 5% and 16% respectively on mobile devices while non-mobile devices trended only slightly up for impressions and clicks.  This supports the idea that more people are using mobile devices to research M&A firms.  Those that search on mobile devices are significantly more likley to click ads and engage onsite with firms found through mobile search.

How you can benefit from the uptick in mobile search: Make sure your firm has a mobile friendly website and is running PPC ads across the board.

PPC is getting more effective

31% of all M&A related searches are now originated on a mobile devices and overall search volume is up across all devices. Although search volume is up, the average cost per click (CPC) to get a prospective M&A client to your website has remained constant at around $2.80 per click.  While increases in search volume usually lead to increases in demand (and cost), we have not seen pricing change significantly in M&A.

What this means for your PPC campaigns: Right now, you get more bang for your buck.  If you are not running PPC campaigns, now is a great time to start.

More searches for M&A terms last October than any month in the last three years

October is historically the high point for M&A related search terms online.  However, October 2016 saw an increase of nearly 40% of overall search traffic compared to 2014.  Similarly, April remains the second most trafficked month and experienced a similar three  year comparative high.

Why this should matter to you: Every year more potential clients use Google to source M&A firms.  Consider planning digital marketing spend around seasonal highs and ensure that your website and overall marketing approach ties into these search trends.

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