M&A PPC #Fails

Before we hop into this week’s content – we wanted to share a big thanks to all of our readers.  Last week’s tombstone post broke all previous traffic and request records to date – thank you all for your readership!  On to the topic at hand…

We like to stress our belief that our industry specific M&A experience is the most compelling reason to work with Merger Labs but how bad can working with an industry agnostic firm really be?

While performing PPC keyword research recently we came across some ridiculous errors that clearly only exist because the marketing firm simply didn’t understand M&A.

Would you pay money to ensure your firm showed up for the following search term?

“how to sell my company to an adventure capital firm”

…clearly not…but someone did.

Or how about this live ad for a firm who’s name has been redacted…



Some marketing firm must have thought the & in ‘M&A’ was interchangeable with ‘or’!


Somewhere out there…a PPC provider decided to spend it’s clients limited budget on total junk keywords.  Don’t let this be you!

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