M&A Website Rejections Refuted

While M&A firms are slowly modernizing, a great number of M&A firms still have old, outdated websites.  While looking modern and professional are obvious benefits of building a new website, there are added, equally as important benefits that many firms do not consider when considering their next website build.

But first, the objections…

  • Most of our business is referral based
  • Middle market business owners don’t choose a banker online
  • The cost just is not with the benefit
  • Its too hard to measure the ROI of a new website

And now, objections refuted…

  • The referral argument is a self fulfilling one.  If your website is not build to generate leads online, or improve search you will never see any lead flow from these channels.  Speaking from first hand experience we can confidently say that there are many great M&A firms generating lead flow online.
  • While middle market business owners may not choose their next M&A advisor strictly from information seen online, they will use search to understand who key players are in their market or geography.  Additionally, they will use the internet to validate claims you make, look for referrals or other client feedback.
  • Simply generating a single client relationship from a new website can pay for the site for years if not decades to come.  With most M&A websites carrying costs between $5000-$10000 (and some going for less), firms can quickly create new value.  In a ‘needle and haystack’ industry like M&A we want to be sure you are exposed to every possible well fitting opportunity and a better website can help accomplish this.
  • Website ROI can be tricky to measure, but building a new website commonly leads to the following:
  • Significant increases in traffic
  • Improved search rankings
  • Improved perception in the market
  • Increases in reader engagement (conversion rate, time on site, contact form submissions etc.)


While building a website can seem like a big project, all to simply have your firms look updated, the reality is, these added benefits can significantly impact your firm.  Imagine twice as many potential clients finding your firm’s name online, or converting a prospect who never heard of your firm until they searched for M&A advisors in your area and found your search result.   As you consider building a new website for your M&A firm please keep these added benefits in mind. There is enough use data to support these claims and many if not all of the best M&A firms in the market have significantly invested in their online presence.

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