Modernizing Your M&A Firm’s Website

The average M&A firm website has not been updated in 4 years – some are much older still.

Rather than talking about the benefits of things like better site architecture, security and conversion strategy let’s keep this simple.

Below are two screenshots of the same client firm – a firm by the way, who is highly regarded and a pleasure to work with. The first screen shot is their website 3 months ago.  The site was built on an old CMS, a bit out of date and generally did not reflect the level of achievement the firm had accomplished in the real business world.

See for yourself…


Now, let’s look at their new website below.  Built on contemporary technology and styled to reflect the firm’s professionalism, this site is a better representation of who they are and how they work.

Outside of a modern look and feel, what else can you expect from a proper website update?

The answer may surprise you. An update like the one above can commonly produce results like:

200%+ increase in relevant web traffic

3-4x increase in inbound contact form submissions

Drastic keyword rank improvement

300% increase in reader time on site

Is your website a proper expression of your ability as a deal maker?  If not, the discrepancy between your in-person professional appearance and your presence online may be confusing to prospects, potential partners and others.  Your firm’s website should the best representation of your ability and track record as possible – if it isn’t its time for an update.

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