Pay-Per-Click (PPC): How To Do It Right

Imagine you are a business owner looking to sell your company, transition out, or just want to start exit planning. You do a quick search on Google to figure out where to start, and to decide what your “first step” should be. Who should you look to for help?

As a M&A firm , the first few moments of a business owner’s Google search are pivotal. How do you ensure that your firm is at the top of the search results, thus gaining the highest visibility possible? How do you ensure that your ads are showing up in the right searches?

Enter: The nuanced art of a PPC campaign.

What’s PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, and this model of internet marketing is exactly what it sounds like: advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ad is clicked. Essentially, this is a way of guaranteeing that your firm shows up at the very top of Google, and therefore receiving the greatest visibility possible from the targeted audience. The increased visibility will lead to increased visits to your website. Ideally, these visits will lead to engagements, and the fee you paid for the click will be trivial in comparison to the profit you make.

A PPC campaign for your firm involves bidding on certain keywords that are related to hyper-targeted to the services you offer, the industries you focus on, and the markets that are important to you. For instance, your campaign might only serve ads to people who are searching in Chicago for “sell my manufacturing company”. Or people searching for “ESOP options for my healthcare practice” in New York.

Each time a person types these keywords and phrases into Google, the first few search results are typically ads that are a part of a PPC campaign.

Why Would a PPC Campaign Fail?

There are certain nuances involved with bidding on keywords. One of these nuances is optimizing the use of “match types”. Match types range from broad to exact, and they give you the power to control how relevant a keyword must be in order for your ad to appear in a search. The key to a successful campaign is knowing which type to choose for specific keywords.

For example, a broad match type for the keyworks “business broker” will offer search results that match to misspellings (“biznuss browker”), synonyms, related searches, and close variations. An exact match type will only offer results for the specific term, “business broker”.

A successful PPC campaign is all about casting the right size net when it comes to match types, not too big and not too small.

If match types aren’t utilized correctly for your business, this could be detrimental for your PPC campaign, and will result in unsatisfactory leads, or no leads at all.

How Does Merger Labs Run Successful PPC Campaigns?

At Merger Labs, our PPC experts are able to develop successful ad campaigns because we understand how business owners in your target market use Google, and specifically, what terms they are using to search for you. We utilize match types effectively for your business and your market, so you not only appear in searches, but you appear in the right ones.

Keep in mind, you’re reaching people who are ready to take action. They’re being served these ads because the search they’ve made has indicated that they have a high intent to buy into what we’re offering.

We strategize and plan the details and nuances of your campaign, and we monitor data to ensure that we reach your target audience while avoiding unnecessary spend on irrelevant clicks. Call us today to learn more about how the Merger Labs team can get you and your business quality leads, or email to learn more.

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