Proving the Power of Content in M&A SEO

You have probably heard the marketing adage ‘content is king’ –  but how does this impact real M&A firm’s search results.

But first, some context…

Why you should want to be #1 in search:

When your M&A firm makes a claim about your level of experience or accomplishments in a market or vertical, most prospects will look to verify this information.  The easiest and most common way to do this is to Google your firm.  High value, search terms like ‘best M&A firm in (your city)’ or ‘sell my business in (your city)’ are common search terms used to verify if your firm is a real player, along with simple searches for your firm’s name.

If a prospect searches for terms similar to these examples and they connect to a competing firm, your lead quality and close rates are compromised.

Our experiment

Our team bought a domain called www.sellmybusiness(cityredacted).com.  On this page we published a few thousand words of regionally specific M&A related content over the course of three months.  The website was not branded, it did not offer any services and was strictly informational.

*City redacted due to current use by active client*

The result

In a little over 90 days, we ranked #1 for the keyword ‘sell my business (cityredacted)’.  Eventually, we sold the domain and rank to a client who benefits from the traffic currently.

The take away

Publishing content deliberately, within the context of a broader SEO strategy will increase your M&A firm’s search ranking plain and simple.  Different markets and industry verticals will produce different results but one thing remains clear – an SEO strategy supported by content will help your firm compete in a competitive market!

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