Site Score. What is it Good For?

It seems that there is a similar internal debate happening at many M&A or PE firms on any given day…

Do we need a new website? Why doesn’t our website rank better? Does our website even matter?

While some of this debate is subjective, there is an easy, quantifiable process to assess the state of your website, particularly in how it relates to your search performance.  This process is called a site score audit.

What is a site score?

Site score is a numeric value, ranging from 1-100 (100 being best) that is used to grade your firm’s website on searchability, technical function, user experience and more. Think of site score as a report card for your website.

Why does it matter?

Major search engines including Google use site score to give preference in search to websites that are better built, more functional and more frequently updated.  The higher your site score, the more search weight the search engines give you, making it easier for you to rank for competitive keywords.

If your site score is low, and your firm is paying for all sorts of digital marketing, you are likely building on a weak foundation and will surely see ranking and traffic returns weakened.  In competitive industries, your firm can not rank #1 for valuable keywords unless you have a high site score and in turn, a functional well-developed website.

How can a site score audit help my firm?

Site score audits usually entail more than just assessing a score to your website.  A full audit will uncover:

  • Errors and broken elements
  • Poor or improper set up
  • Overall searchability of your site

Knowing your site score can help you target specific issues on your website, taking you away from the broad debate above and into a conversation about specific actionables, all of which typically cost much less to fix that building a new website from scratch with little or no direction.

You wouldn’t buy a new car without knowing what your old car needs to get back on the road, right? Site score auditing is much similar to taking your car to the mechanic!

Site score improvement is an important part of our own SEO service offering, allowing clients to closely track and measure what our team has done to improve the site and its ability to rank well in search.

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