The Online Tombstone Problem

Tombstones are an incredible conversion tool M&A and PE firms can lever online to generate more business.

After all, what better way to show a potential client or partner what your firm is capable of than by simply showing them what you have already accomplished? Unfortunatly, tombstones do not translate very well online.

What is wrong with tombstones online?

#1. Most tombstones are not mobile or responsive friendly

As you change the view of your website on various screen sizes, many tombstones do not scale.  This creates an issue where some of your most valuable information online is not easily read.  Additionally, for the firms that like to display ALL of their tombstones (i.e many dozens or more) the problem is often amplified.

#2 Most tombstones are single images – this does little for SEO

A single image carries a single file name and alt tag.  While this is not a bad thing, we can increase the SEO impact of your tombstone significantly by allowing the search engines to view your tombstone as searchable text.

#3 Tombstones are difficult to uniformly format. 

Each buyer and seller will deliver logos with a variety of sizes, colors and formats.  Combining these in a uniform way can be a challenge, often requiring concessions that impact the quality of the image or overall format of the tombstone.

How we are solving the tombstone problem online…

After trying to improve the process of creating tombstones for clients on an ad-hoc basis, we decided build a more robust solution – a WordPress based tombstone module availible to all Merger Labs clients.

Now, our clients can deploy tombstones that…

Do not require any design work

Do not require specialty training to develop or post

Are SEO friendly and searchable

Look the same across all screen sizes, browsers and operating systems

While they may not look different, the example tombstones below represent a huge functional improvement over a standard M&A tombstone.


If you are considering updating your M&A or Private Equity firm’s website, we can now deploy this new tombstone technology at no additional cost over our standard website builds.  This is just one of the many perks of working with the only middle market M&A and Private equity focused digital marketing firm in the market.

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