Top 3 Reasons Why We Build Websites on Webflow

If you’re looking into building a new website for your mergers & acquisitions firm, chances are you’ve heard of Wordpress. While this CMS (Content Management System) is one of the most popular in the world and its dashboard provides a wide range of options for users, these selling points can also be seen as pain points. 

For example, the numerous options included in the WordPress dashboard along with all of the plugins often lead to slow-loading sites. Not to mention, maintaining a WordPress site can get difficult without proper coding knowledge. 

Here’s why the team at Merger Labs loves Webflow:

  1. High Performance: Cleaner code makes Webflow sites rank much higher for SEO. After building a new site on Webflow, we often see traffic and SEO explode. Even better, you can watch as your rankings and traffic soar because Webflow integrates with Customer Relationship Management Systems.

    WordPress sites also have tendencies to be much slower than sites built with Webflow. All of the plugins, different tools, and theme files add up and the code behind a WordPress site quickly gets incredibly bloated. This translates into slow load times, which means lost opportunities for conversions.

  2. Easy to Maintain: After we initially build your site, it is easy for our clients to log in with an editor account and add tombstones, press releases, new portfolio companies, white papers, and more. WordPress sites can become impossible to manage if they are built with custom or pirated plug-ins. If you are interested in a website that makes it possible to add fresh content, stay relevant, and avoid a struggle when making edits, Webflow is a great alternative.

  3. An Overall Better Platform: No more dealing with the stress of updating plug-ins, programming, or themes. Webflow is one proprietary system, so we never have to worry about pages breaking or your site crashing. Webflow is hosted on AWS, which reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances, allowing you to quickly scale capacity (both up and down) as your requirements change. With Webflow, you’ll see higher performance and security, as well as faster loading times. 

Already on WordPress? Merger Labs Can Help You Make the Switch!

To add to Webflow’s accessibility, the process of switching from WordPress is seamless. Have you been on WordPress for years? Does your site have thousands of posts? No problem! With Webflow’s easy CSV import, you won’t have to worry about losing your data when you migrate.

Want to learn more about the benefits of building a site on Webflow? Talk to the team at Merger Labs today! You can reach us at (559) 706-0311.

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