What Makes a Good Website for M&A and Private Equity Firms?

As the M&A industry becomes more and more digital, it’s imperative that your firm matches the precedent that is being set. Many firms have already turned to online marketing, and if you want to grow your own brand, a website is absolutely essential. A website helps to set expectations for clients while also allowing you to promote your firm. It’s a powerful tool, if done correctly. At Merger Labs, we know the importance of creating a strong website, and have helped many clients establish themselves online. Here are a few details that we believe are critical when creating your website.

A Transactions Page

Your transactions page is essentially your online resume. With this page, your goal is to provide examples of the successful deals you have done. Not only will this show your history and area of expertise, it will also assure potential clients of the legitimacy and experience that you bring to the table. Along with each project, you can include the industry sector, transaction type, and the principal owners, to provide more context. You can structure this chronologically or as a ‘greatest hits’ list; what’s important is that it is an accurate reflection of the transactions your firm has managed.

Specialities or Sectors information

If you specialize in a specific sector within an industry, and your intention is to remain focused on that sector, it’s important to indicate that on your website. Generally, it’s best to include this information on the homepage, but you can also create a separate page with details that further specify your areas of expertise. If you’re considering expanding, or do not have a limited scope, that’s still important information to list for your clients and will lead to fewer misunderstandings.  

White Papers or a Call to Action

One of the best ways to gain or retain clients is to ensure that they have your information and that you have theirs. On a website, this can be accomplished through a Call to Action. CTAs are simple statements (such as “Call today!”) that prompt an immediate response, and the desired reaction can be anything from a phone call to an email. Regardless of the method of contact, the most important things is that potential clients do not leave your website without getting in touch somehow. White Pages are a useful tool to drive a CTA. Offering your White Papers is enticing for those that are curious about selling their business, and they won’t think twice about adding their contact details. This will give you the opportunity to follow up with them organically.

Contact Information

You’d be surprised how many firms forget to include this simple section, or don’t add it to enough pages. Your contact details should be the most readily available information on your site and must be eye-catching enough that viewers notice it. Remember, the goal of your website is to drive the audience towards partnering with your firm, and that won’t happen if your contact information is not easily accessible.

Additional Features: Blog

Whether through Google, Bing or any other search engine, people are always searching for content. If you’re trying to grow your online presence and reputation, a blog will allow you to answer the questions that potential clients may have while developing a following and spreading the word about your firm. Not only will you show yourself as an authority on business acquisitions or investment banking, you’ll also add fresh content to your website which will help with your SEO ranking. Blogs aren’t just a way to connect with clients, they’ll also give you that extra edge over your competition.

Looking for ways to increase your online presence?

At Merger Labs, we know the importance of having a good website and digital marketing strategy in the M&A field. Competition has increased and it’s important to have your information available online in a compelling and accessible form for potential clients. We’re a group of expert marketers supported by ex-bankers who know what it takes to give your firm an impactful online presence. If you’re looking for a digital marketing firm with direct experience in investment banking and business consulting, contact us online, or email our team directly at garrett@mergerlabs.com.

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