Why Exactly Should Your M&A Firm be Blogging?

Most M&A professionals know that they should be creating more content online but many don’t understand exactly why that is.

Does blogging really lead to more inbound lead flow? Does it help build a stronger M&A firm?

The answer is yes – here is why…

First, let’s talk about your competition

In less than 10 years we have seen the number of M&A firms operating in North America almost double. While deal value, particularly in recent years has also increased, real middle market M&A transaction volume has not changed much.

In some markets, you are competing with twice as many firms for the same amount of clients as you once did. Anything you can do to differentiate your M&A firm from the pack will help.

The secret about blogging that no one talks about

Blogging is not valuable because of the impact your content has on readers.  It is valuable because of the impact it has on search engines. Here is why Google likes blogging so much:

Search engines give preference to sites that are updated often.

Google doesn’t care what the updates are, it just wants to see that your site is not abandoned and gives preference in search to sites that are actively managed.

Blogging is an easy way to add pages to your site’s page count.

Search engines rank sites with more pages generally higher than similar sites that have less pages. If you have a 4 page site, but blog once per week, in a year your site has grown in page count exponentially without changing any of the core structure or content of your site.

More keywords without being spammy.

It is hard to cram a simple M&A website service pages filled with keyword rich content without it becoming too long or reading poorly.  Blogging frequently gives you an easy solution to posting keyword rich content without impacting the rest of your site.  Regardless if anyone reads your posts or not, Google will see your newly added keyword rich content and increase your search ranking.

All this leads to a better, more competitive firm by…

Allowing your firm to be found FIRST in search, more often than your competition – the top 3 results in Google get 97% of all inbound client inquiries.

Setting aside time to add content to your blog (or having Merger Labs help with your over all SEO and content strategy) weekly or monthly is worth the time you invest.

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