Your Brand is Everything

When you walk into a brick and mortar store, you immediately get a feel for the way a business wants to portray itself. The space is defined by certain elements, from color to flow and other visual representations that evoke specific feelings.

However, in digital marketing, you don’t have the same luxury of a physical space to convey your brand. But your brand is still VERY important. Essentially, your brand is your virtual handshake with people you aren’t able to meet in person. So, what are the most important things to consider when creating a brand identity for your M&A or PE firm?

Your Mission Statement is an important part of your business as a whole, and it’s a good element to use as a starting point when considering your brand identity. This statement sums up who you are and what you are setting out to do. Keeping these ideas in mind other elements of your brand identity, it’s vital to keep this statement in mind and decide what works best to visually represent your ideas.

Your Logo is a big part of your brand identity, and it’s often one of the first things people associate with you and your business. A good logo will be memorable, versatile, relevant, and unique. This means that your logo should stand out from your competition and be easily recognizable. Your logo should also be adaptable across different mediums. You will use your logo in many places (on your website, business cards, slide decks, and other marketing collateral), so it’s important that to make it cohesive throughout these all of materials.

The tone of your copy is another thing to consider during the branding process. You can say the same thing and relay the same information in many different ways, and tone plays a big part in attracting your target audience. If you are looking to attract older, more professional clients, avoid colloquial terms and take an authoritative approach to your marketing copy. Do you want to appeal to a younger, more laid-back audience? Mix in some slang and keep things casual.

Consistency is key! Once your branding is complete, it’s important to set specific guidelines for how you use the elements. Setting guidelines will keep your branding recognizable across different mediums for potential clients. This includes sticking to specific typefaces, color palettes, and treatments no matter where you decide to use them.

At Merger Labs, our expert graphic designers work with you to deliver a logo that visually represents the your values and your business. During our branding process, we ask open-ended questions to find out what is important to you, learn about what makes your business unique, and discover your individual personality and style preferences. The end result is a logo that represents the story you want to tell about your business.   

Still have questions about the importance of branding? Call the Merger Labs team at (559) 706-0311 and we’ll discuss your specific needs, walk you through our branding process, and offer honest advice to get you started.

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