SEO Strategies That Work For M&A

There is an art and science to creating successful SEO campaigns. A one-size-fits-all approach that most agencies offer simply won't cut it. Different firms will have different goals - which is why we build every SEO campaign from the ground up and 100% bespoke to your specific goals.

Below we are highlighting how two very different campaigns both had a successful month in September, 2019.

SEO is the combined efforts to make a website rank higher for certain keywords. While it may seem simple enough, there are dozens of approaches and even more ways to fail. A strong SEO campaign should revolve around understanding exactly who your target audience is and what search terms they use. A main-street brokerage is not going to benefit from ranking well for search terms that a boutique investment banking firm is targeting, and vice versa. An experienced marketing agency will understand which search terms and keywords to use for each client, and develop a custom strategy based on your goals.

So why does ranking for these specific keywords matter? Because when a visitor searches for them, they are essentially self- qualifying for a very high-value need, and you can be the first to provide and offer to help, every time that a given keyword is searched.

The stats below give an overview of 2 separate SEO campaigns, and the performance we recorded in September, 2019. One campaign is for a middle-market investment bank with a national focus, and the other is for a business brokerage more focused on their local market.

Two different campaigns with different target audiences, and we are able to dominate high-value keywords for both campaigns.

Our Results

Keywords in Top-10
Organic Traffic Increase

Showing Up #1

Below we are highlighting the SEO performance, for one month, for two separate campaigns with two very different audiences. As you can see, we are able to rank well for a variety of keywords.

By ranking #1 for "investment bank" and other keywords, our client saw an increase in traffic coming to their website which led to more phone calls, emails, and form submissions. That high-value keyword averages over 90k searches every month, so ranking in the top search results has had a tangible effect on their inbound lead flow.

The other campaign shows that we were able to rank in the #1 spot for two different, yet also high-value keywords: "Business Broker" and "Sell a Business". Ranking well for these two keywords has led to a similar increase in traffic coming to their website, which is leading to more inbound leads.

"They took the time to understand our goals and designed a dashboard that gave us visibility on the impact of the changes made. We saw a marked improvement in website traffic and search activity."

Travis Ernst - NuVescor M&A

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