Generate Quality Leads with PPC Advertising

Most industry agnostic PPC providers expect their clients to simply throw money at ads in an attempt to generate traffic. We take a different approach. We understand that the nature of the deal space creates an environment where budgets are sensitive and results are paramount. We ensure that you are getting the most out of your advertising dollars by focusing on quality over quantity. Because when it comes to lead generation, we believe that more isn't better - Better is Better.

Project Overview

Increase Lead Flow with Traffic that Converts into Deals

After meeting with the client to discuss their overall needs and goals, we recommended launching a Google AdWords (PPC) campaign. The client is located in a competitive geographical market, so showing up at the top of search results would immediately improve visibility and lead flow.

The client wanted to quickly generate traffic, but was worried about expensive ad budgets and inundating his inbox with “junk” leads. By using hyper-focused keywords, and targeting specific geographical markets and industries, we make sure that our ads are only shown to a quality audience. Quality over quantity. Our goals:

Increase monthly lead generation from qualified traffic

Improve brand visibility to qualified audience within certain markets

Efficient PPC ad budget management

Our Results

Ad Impressions
Leads Generated
Deal Generated

Six-Figure Pay Day

We have seen tremendous success with this PPC campaign. Most M&A firms do not need huge ad spend budgets to generate measurable results – after all, finding your next client or portfolio company is about value, not volume. Being in a competitive market, the exposure created from showing up in high-value searches was very valuable to our client’s brand.

The campaign is averaging around 5000 impressions per month, meaning that we are getting tremendous visibility with the keywords that we're targeting. From those 5000 impressions, we're averaging 100 - 150 clicks with a conversion rate of 7-10%.

"I received a lead from our PPC campaign in late February, which I converted to an engagement in early April. Now, we are under LOI for a $15M deal.  My fee will exceed $600,000.
Keep ‘em coming!"

Karl Grasemann - The Grasemann Group

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