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Not all PPC campaigns are the same. Merger Labs creates PPC campaigns that are individually tailored to each client, only targeting the audience that matters to them. M&A firms do not need huge ad budgets to quickly generate measurable results – after all, finding your next client company is about value, not volume.

Quality PPC campaigns can be a great way to quickly show up as a top search result regardless of your organic ranking, giving you the power to directly increase lead flow from your target audience.

Project Overview

Quickly Generate Qualified Leads

After meeting with the client to discuss their overall needs and goals, we recommended launching a Google AdWords (PPC) campaign to help improve lead flow during the slower months. The client is located in a competitive geographical market, so showing up at the top of search results would immediately improve visibility and lead flow.

The client wanted to quickly improve lead flow, but was firm on using a  budget under $1000 and did not want unqualified leads "blowing up" their inbox. Our team created a PPC campaign that only targeted people specifically looking to buy and sell businesses in 5 industry sectors, and within defined geographical market(s).

Our Goals:

Generate quality leads from targeted industry sectors and geographical markets, quickly.


Ads Shown on Google
Leads Generated
Conversion Rate

Our Results After 4 Weeks

The PPC campaign is off to a great start. July is usually a slower month for their M&A firm, so the influx of leads created from their new PPC campaign helped to offset the summer lull.  

In the first 4 weeks, our client was able to generate 18 conversions (forms submitted + phone calls tracked). We saw above-average metrics across the board, indicating that our ads were consistently engaged by the audience we were targeting.

Budget: Under $1000

# of Industry Sectors Targeted: 5

# of Geographical Markets Targeted: 2

"The new leads have been great so far. Would love to see results like this every month!"

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