Don't Get Lost in the "Noise"

Private Equity is a loud, busy space. There are thousands of lower-middle market buyers whose brands simply are driven by investment criteria and nothing more, and these firms get lost in the noise because there is a wealth of capital, a shortage of target companies, and a significant increase in competition.

A well-designed and thought-out brand will will cohesively and consistently illustrate your firm's strengths, core values, and success, and ensures that your firm stands out from the pack.

See how our in-house team of designers recently helped a new PE firm develop the foundation for their new brand.

Today's investors, business owners, and employees are increasingly focused on the core values of a firm. How your firm is presented online is easily the best place to disseminate that message. Your firm’s insights, expertise, and track record are pivotal to winning and retaining business.

Our client reached out to us and expressed their need to develop a cohesive brand for their new PE firm. We lead them through a branding exercise to establish/confirm the firm name, website URL, and the aesthetic they were trying to achieve. We developed a tagline and mission statement, and ultimately created a brand guide for your office.

The final product is a perfect representation of their firm - solid and strong elements blended perfectly with fluid and flexible elements. They wanted a logo that expressed that they were firm in their principals yet flexible in how they approach different deals.

Click the button below to see the final branding guide that the client will use moving forward.

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Branding Applications

Digital Logo
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Mission Statement
a cohesive message
Paper Collateral
Letterhead, business cards

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