SEO is Essential to Deal Makers of All Sizes

You've heard about "SEO", but what is it and why do you need it? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it ensures that business owners looking for resources when planning a business sale can easily find you on Google and other search engines. Our team builds specific M&A and Private Equity SEO campaigns that get your website to the top of local search results and keep it there.

Project Overview

Increase Rankings. Increase Visibility. Increase Organic Traffic.

Our client owns a M&A firm located in Somerset, KY, that works with Main Street & Lower Middle Market business owners. Their firm specializes in providing service to owners of manufacturing, logistics, health care, plastics, recycling, funeral services, insurance businesses and industrial services.

After meeting with them to discuss their overall needs and goals, we recommended launching a SEO campaign that included monthly content creation. They were already doing a lot of things well, so a deliberate, cohesive marketing strategy would easily take their firm to the next level. Creating a comprehensive branding & content strategy would strengthen their brand, while significantly improving visibility to their targeted audience. Our project goals:

Strengthen Brand

Optimize Functionality of Website

Use Comprehensive Content Strategy to Increase Traffic & Visibility

Our Results

Site Score
Increase in Traffic
Net Increase in Rankings

+400% in Organic Traffic.

When we first launched the SEO campaign, our client had no keywords that were ranking in the top 10 positions, and had very few keywords ranking at all. After optimizing the existing content, and thoroughly auditing and improving the website's technical issues, we were able to begin creating specific and relevant content to add to the site. Within a few months, we had many more keywords ranking, and several keywords were ranking in the top 10 positions.

Our data (left) shows a steady increase in net keyword rankings. Our targeted keywords have increased by hundreds of positions, increasing our client's visibility dramatically.

We successfully improved the brand’s visibility to our target audience by increasing our keyword rankings, but we want to convert that increased visibility into increased engagement. Increasing our client’s exposure to a targeted audience should translate into an increase in organic traffic to the site, and that’s exactly what we saw.

By successfully ranking well for high-value keywords, we saw a 400% increase in organic traffic to our client's site. While sessions and page views nearly quadrupled, we also saw great improvements in other engagement metrics, such as pages/session, average duration/session, and bounce rate.

"——we need a quote from the client, hopefully he gives us one ——"

Michael Keck- Five Talents Financial Group

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