Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Boutique M&A Firm

“Our firm is very niche, there probably isn’t enough volume anyways.”

We get this a lot. Your boutique M&A firm has certain industries, services, or markets that you have had a lot of success in, but you’re worried that your firm operates in a low-volume market. We have experience in launching deliberate, concentrated SEO campaigns, that allow your firm to dominate your target market, and see substantial increases in qualified traffic to your website.

Project Overview

Increase Rankings. Increase Visibility. Increase Organic Traffic.

Our client runs a boutique, tech-focused investment banking firm located in Los Angeles, CA. Their firm specializes in providing advisory services in the following verticals: Software M&A, IT and Tech-Enabled Services M&A, Digital Media M&A, Healthcare IT M&A, and Artificial Intelligence.

After meeting with them to discuss their overall needs and goals, we recommended launching a focused SEO campaign that included monthly content creation. They were already doing a lot of things well, so a deliberate, cohesive marketing strategy would easily take their firm to the next level. A hyper-focused content strategy would help them dominate their target verticals.

By ensuring that our client ranks in the top-10 for keywords related to their targeted industries, we should see a substantial increase in qualified traffic to their website. Our Goals:

Dominate their 5 targeted verticals

Increase organic traffic to their website


Keywords in Top 10
Increase in Qualified Visitors to the Website
Net Increase in Keyword Rankings

+33% in Qualified Traffic.

By optimizing their website and adding relevant content every month, we were able to help our client dominate their targeted verticals. We were able to very specifically target only the keywords that were valuable to our client’s firm, and dramatically increase how their website ranked for those keywords.

By increasing how they ranked for those keywords, we were able to see a substantial increase in traffic to their website. And since this traffic came from the keywords that our client defined - the quality of the traffic was very high.

+2,525 Increase in Keyword Rankings

"——we need a quote from the client, hopefully he gives us one ——"

Michael Keck- Five Talents Financial Group

"I am currently working with Merger Labs, and they've been very helpful at getting my website more qualified traffic. Helpful with PPC and Social Media marketing also!"

Aaron Solganick- Solganick & Co.

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