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Webflow is a CMS platform that takes a different approach to building great websites. Instead of relying on complex coding, unreliable plugins, or restrictive templates, Webflow allows you to design and develop completely custom websites — visually. With user-friendly design controls, mobile-device responsiveness, and streamlined coding, we decided to build the new Merger Labs website using Webflow.

Project Overview

Compare Webflow vs. WordPress

The original Merger Labs website was built 6 years ago, using WordPress. While it served its function for a while, we were no longer satisfied with its design or performance. It was time for an overhaul.

We decided to build our new site on Webflow, a CMS platform that combines a fully customizable CMS with powerful visual website design tools. Webflow sites are built for the modern internet, and search engines gives you extra points for mobile-friendly design and performance.

Our goal was to produce a website that achieved a higher level of design & a better user experience, while  increasing functionality and SEO performance.

Our Results

Site Score
Net Increase in Rankings
Increase in Organic Traffic
Website Load Time

The Webflow Difference.

The Webflow platform delivered everything it promised, and then some. We are very satisfied with how the site turned out, and it took much less time to build compared to a WordPress website. The level of control we had when designing this project was unmatched by any other CMS platform we’ve worked with in the past.

While we can’t understate the how much the design and user experience has been improved, we are equally impressed with the improvements we saw in performance. When the new site was launched, we gained about 1,300 positions in our keyword rankings and our website load time dropped below 2 seconds. Within a month of launching the new site, we saw a 46% increase in organic traffic. That’s a night and day difference.

"Webflow has not only helped us build and design better sites in a shorter time frame, but we’ve seen significant gains in SEO resulting from its streamlined coding and superior technology."

Michael Anderson- Merger Labs

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