Are You Doing the Bare Minimum on Your First Impression?

Whether fair or not, business owners are researching M&A firms online, and judging you based on your website. When someone goes on your website, is it helping you or hurting you?  Further, the industry leaders in M&A all have great web presences, is this a coincidence?

At Merger Labs, we know the importance of having a quality website and digital marketing strategy in the M&A field. Competition has increased and it’s important to have your information available online in a compelling and accessible form for potential clients. We’re a group of expert marketers supported by ex-bankers, who know what it takes to give your firm an impactful online presence.

Project Overview

Design, Build, and Launch a New M&A Website for Our Client.

Our client is a lower-middle market M&A firm located in a major US market. They bought and built a website in 2013 from an industry agnostic marketing firm, and haven't touched it since it was launched. Issues began to arise on the site, such as the pages not loading,  forms not submitting, and it wasn't responsive to mobile devices.

We recommended building a new site on Webflow, a platform that combines a fully customizable CMS with powerful visual website design tools. A modern M&A website would actively generate leads, strengthen our client's online presence, and validate our client's reputation as a leading M&A firm in their region.

Our Results

Site Score
Net Increase in SEO Rankings
Increase in Traffic
Inquiries Submitted

+498 in SEO Rankings.

Our client was running an existing SEO campaign that had begun to flatline once the website issues became worse. Website functionality is a major component in SEO rankings, so creating a new website that was optimized and error-free, would greatly benefit how their site ranked on search engines.

Our data (left) shows a sharp increase in net keyword rankings. Our targeted keywords have increased by hundreds of positions, increasing our client's visibility dramatically.

66% Increase in Traffic.

The new website generated a huge boost to the keyword rankings, which successfully improved the brand’s visibility to our target audience. But we want to convert that increased visibility into increased engagement. Increasing our client’s exposure to a targeted audience should translate into an increase in organic traffic to the site, and that’s exactly what we saw.

By successfully ranking well for high-value keywords, we saw a 66% increase in traffic to our client's site. We also saw great improvements in other engagement metrics, such as pages/session, average duration/session, and bounce rate.

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