Specialized SEO Campaigns for Bankers and Brokers

A deliberate and well-crafted SEO strategy will put your website in front of your target audience. Making your website show up for "top investment bank", "best business broker", or "sell my business", is going to tangibly increase the amount of leads in your pipeline.

Working with an experienced marketing team who has specialized in your industry for over a decade could be the difference between a creating a consistent stream of qualified leads, or wasting your marketing dollars.

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Client Background

The client is a lower-middle market M&A firm located in a market of ~1M people, and near a few other major cities. They specialize in 4-5 industries, mostly under the larger "tech" umbrella. They have been offering M&A advisory services for nearly 20 years, and the founders all have previous experience as business owners who have both bought and sold companies.

The client has a website that is about 4 years old, and their current outreach strategy relies on their existing network, trade shows, and a quarterly newsletter that they email to their contacts.


The client is in a competitive market and targeting industry segments that are also highly competitive. They want their website to show up for high-value keywords such as "tech M&A" and "sell my tech business", in order to increase their inbound leads and organic traffic. Their website was receiving ~10k spam hits per month and none of their 400+ pages were optimized. Additionally, the home page was loading very slowly which was giving their website poor engagement metrics.

In the photo below, please note the website metrics.


After creating a list of keywords and search terms to target, our team had to first address several issues regarding the spam traffic, poor web performance, and overall lack of back-end optimization. We needed to first create a solid, optimized platform for the campaign to use as a foundation. Additionally, we needed to figure out how to get clean reporting data so we could accurately monitor our performance!

Scroll down to see our client's results after 60 days (Jan 1 - Feb 29).


Increase in Organic Traffic
(400+ more visitors)
Increase in Inbound Web Leads
Increase in Keyword Rankings

Outcome (after 60 days)

We have seen strong performance in the first two months of the client's SEO campaign. We were able to successfully filter out the spam traffic, so we are now receiving accurate data and sharing that with the client via a performance dashboard.

Optimizing 400+ pages of content made an immediate impact on our client's traffic and keyword rankings. We saw a 35% increase to inbound organic traffic, and those extra visitors to the website generated many more inbound leads. We saw an 83% increase in website form submissions, which means we connected our client to business owners who are thinking about a future sale.

Finally, we saw our client's keywords shoot to the top of Google's rankings. Some keywords we can highlight include: "Tech M&A firm", "exit planning", and "software M&A" - which are all high-value search terms for our client.

Click on the images below to expand and see the data.

In conclusion, we were able to create a strong foundation for our client's digital strategies moving forward while also generating a tangible increase in inbound web traffic and web leads. We will now focus the campaign on continuously creating and adding M&A-specific articles written by our in-house team of copywriters. The campaign is off to a red-hot start, and we are excited about future performance.

"Merger Labs has helped us tune up our website and optimize our content to attract more search engine traffic. The early results are encouraging and, with the help of Garrett and his team, we hope to continue to see results in our business development efforts."

- Founder / Managing Partner

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